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  5. Avoid Showings or endless walkthroughs; no need to prepare for photoshoots and multiple inspections.
  6. Bypass appraisals or approval delays; accept our offer without any holdups.

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Sell My House Fast In Knoxville TN!”

Are you seeking a quick and efficient way to sell your house in Knoxville, Tennessee? At ASAP Cash Offer, our company is in the market for purchasing houses in Tennesseeas an investment. We present competitive cash offer prices, irrespective of their appraised value.

Our proficient and friendly team avoids any unnecessary negotiation over the price. We’re prepared to purchase houses in Knoxville, offering cash in exchange for property. Our trusted team has a track record of consistently delivering fair and equitable offers to homeowners who are ready to sell. On our website, you can request a competitive quote/bid which we will extend with no binding commitments. Discover how you can close the sale and receive cash for your house in just a few days. Don’t delay! Transfer of property ownership is easy once our offer is accepted and we can quickly finalize the sale of your Knoxville house for cash!

Step One - Fill Out The Form


We research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.

Step Two - We Talk On The Phone


We go over any questions or concerns to sell your home with a no obligation cash offer.

Step Three - You Get Paid Cash for Your House


Close on the date of your choice at a reputable Title Company and get your money!

We are Efficient at Buying Houses for Cash

With over a decade of experience, our company has quite the experience in buying normal and distressed houses in the Knoxville, TN market. At ASAP Cash Offer, we take pride in assisting homeowners in Knoxville by adopting our simplified home-buying process, customized to their desired timeline.

So if you’re contemplating, “I need to sell my house fast in Knoxville, Tennessee“, you’ve landed at the right place. Whether your timeframe is 7 days, 14 days, or even 45 days, we’re prepared to purchase your house rapidly and present a full cash offer on your property within 24 hours. Alternatively, we can acquire your house whenever it suits your schedule.

ASAP Cash Offer is not just a buyer but also an advisor, offering multiple real estate solutions. We’re dedicated to helping you sell, even if it involves suggesting a Realtor who could assist you in fetching the full retail value of your home. As problem-solving investors, we’re capable of buying homes promptly, and you’ll find our services enjoyable to work with.

When you choose to sell your house in Knoxville, TN for a reasonable all-cash offer, we offer you the liberty to select the closing date. We buy houses for cash in Knoxville in any condition, whether it has flood damage, mold, a leaking roof, a cracked foundation, or peeling paint. Our primary objective is to enable you to sell your property in any situation, without any stress.

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“Why Would I Want To Sell My House FAST in Knoxville TennesseeTo You and Not by Collaborating with Real Estate Agent?”

Well, listing with an agent and incurring the mandatory realtor fees might indeed be a better alternative for your house. For some homeowners, this is the correct decision. If we assess that listing with an agent and selling at a price based off of neighborhood comparables (comps) would benefit you more, we will disclose this during our initial consultation!

Below are the main differences when you decide to sell your house to Cash Home Buyers, versus listing it traditionally and paying real estate agent’s fees. We are one of the few local and actually friendly companies in Knoxville that invest in houses for cash, so why not sell your home and bypass all the fees? Consider selling your distressed or normal house to us and benefit from a hassle-free transaction!

Sell Your House Without a REALTOR?

Your fees when selling with an agent:

  1. You pay 6-7% commission.
  2. You pay 2-3% closing costs.
  3. Wait 6 to 12 months for buyers.
  4. Closing takes 60-90 days after offers.
  5. Buyers ask YOU to make the repairs and sign disclosures.
  6. Typically Realtors do 20-30 showings.
  7. Buyers drop out from bank loans.
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Advantages of Working with Us

Man Sitting With a Check for Selling His Home For Cash

THIS. REALLY. WORKS. I was in foreclosure and after 12 years of making payments on my house the bank wanted to steal it from me for a few missed payments. Before the house could be taken and auctioned off, I decided to search google for “How to sell your house in 5 daysThen I contacted ASAP Cash Offer to see if I could sell my house fast for cash and get some of my equity back. I was able to get $37,411 at the closing table. This was huge, compared to a bank stealing my property and giving me $0. Thank you for all you do and helping our community!

Jacob Shmidt’s review from Facebook

Sell My House For Cash In Knoxville With These Benefits

Hand Holding Cash

Fair Cash Offer. 
ASAP Cash Offer in Knoxville makes fair cash offers. We don’t waste your time with low offers for your house. We let you know if the amount we can pay doesn’t make sense in your situation.

Alarm Clock

Fast Closing. 
The fastest way to sell a house in Knoxville TN! Move on in days. No wasted time on mortgage approvals or haggling over repairs. We close after a fast inspection to verify the condition.

Toolbox For Repairing Home

No Repairs Required. 
Save tens of thousands on renovations in Knoxville TN by selling to ASAP Cash Offer. We always buy a property “as-is.” Any condition or situation!

Hand Holding Cash With a Red Cancel Symbol Over It

Zero Realtor Commissions. 
We are not realtors – there is absolutely no commission selling a Knoxville house to us. Our offers are free and no obligation. No online listings, open houses, or yard signs.

Calendar Count Down With Zero Days Left

You Pick Closing Date. 
ASAP Cash Offer works on your schedule. Looking to “sell my house now” in Knoxville TN? In a few months? Stay for a while after the sale? We make it happen.

Easy Button

Simple Process. 
The number one reason people work with us is our fast and easy process. Hassle-free sales in Knoxville TN are our specialty. Skip the advertising and sell without the MLS listing and property description headaches.

That’s it!
Selling Your Knoxville Home
Can be easy and fast.

We Buy Houses in Know County for Cash

Wait a minute…
I’m sure you’ve seen a bunch of similar “We Buy Houses” websites where you can “Sell Your House Quickly”, or received letters/texts/postcards, etc. from other companies claiming they will buy your house with a cash offer, and that you can sell or trade your house fast to them. If you haven’t read our How We Buy page, I’m assuming that like other people looking to sell your home or real estate for a fair cash offer, you might still be wondering… 


A caucasian boy holding a yellow sign that reads WE BUY HOUSES AS-IS & Pay Cash! (858)302-8913

“How do I know you can close escrow fast and this is not a scam?”

With so many brand new “We Buy Houses for Cash” real estate investors in Knoxville TN and scam artists out there, I’m not surprised you’re asking this… Vetting your buyer to make sure they will actually close when making an offer on your home, is usually more important than getting the highest offer for your home. We get a lot of sellers who give us a call after their 1st or 2nd buyers fall through and cancel the sale or won’t stop negotiating with them. Needless to say, they are frustrated and distrustful of real estate investors. That’s where this Cash Home Buyer Knoxville Tennessee is different. We make honest and transparent offers, with the intention of getting them closed! We truly can buy your house, with an online quote to get your fair cash offer, fast in Knoxville TN!

Top Rated Cash Home Buyers

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📞 Call ASAP Cash Offer 📞

We provide a no-obligation, no-hassle offer, and you have nothing to lose. When you decide you need to sell, give us a call. We buy houses cash in Knoxville Tennessee 7 days a week and multiple times per month. Not only will you sell your house, but you will sell your house fast to reputable cash home buyers without any need to upgrade or clean your home and coordinate all of that. We are a highly rated we buy houses company in Knoxville TN and our intention is to keep it that way. You can get cash for your Knoxville TN house fast with a fair offer or a creative financing offer at a much higher value if you choose to keep your mortgage in place upon transferring the title. Get rid of your problem property and sell your United States house without giving it away. ASAP Cash Offer specializes in helping homeowners and we will make you a fair and reasonable offer or pay cash. Give us a call today, or simply fill out the form and we will be in touch ASAP.

Behind On Taxes in Knoxville Tennessee?

We want to help you, it’s easy, simple, and fast to pay online. You can easily find your county pay your property taxes online by clicking the image of the USA.

Pay Knoxville Taxes Online or on the image of the USA to pay your property taxes online with Knoxville Tennessee government’s safe, secure, and encrypted website. If you’re very delinquent on property taxes, please give us a call, we are here to help. Even if we do not make you a fair all-cash offer for your property, we can at least guide you to the best solution to make sure you keep your Knoxville property and don’t let it go into foreclosure or end up at a tax deed auction.

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Knoxville TN Housing Market Forecast 2024

Hey, neighbor! According to the latest Zillow Housing Data, Knoxville’s property market is hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July. Average home values have skyrocketed by 12% over the past year to $350,151. Homes are flying off the shelves faster than grandma’s apple pie, with properties going pending in just about 13 days.

You know what they say about real estate: it’s all about location, timing and pricing – and Knoxville’s hitting the trifecta! And you’re asking if this might be a good time to sell? You bet your britches it is!

Most homes are selling for close to their list price. The fact that about 56.7% of them are selling under shows there’s room for negotiation. But remember, just because you can swing a deal doesn’t always mean you should.

Look here, every neighborhood in Knoxville has its own story when it comes to home values. It’s like fishing – some spots got more bass than others.

Now then, I’m sure y’all don’t want any fuss or delay when selling your home. That’s where we step in! If you want to sell without breaking a sweat, consider ASAP Cash Offer. We’ll take care of all that messy business for you.

Remember, folks around here appreciate straight talk and good advice – so keep an eye on those numbers when dealing with property matters. Trust ol’ Zillow and ASAP Cash Offer to guide you right!

Most Affordable & Best Neighborhoods In Knoxville TN For 2024

Look, y’all, moving can be a real pain in the keister. Now, based on recent data from RentCafe, renting an apartment in Knoxville will set ya back about $1,736 on average per month. That’s for a place around 981 square feet; not exactly what I’d call gazillionaire’s estate.

Now get this:

  • In neighborhoods like Old Sevier, you’re looking at $2,204 monthly.
  • Downtown Knoxville? That’s roughly $1,748.
  • And East Knoxville ain’t far behind with about $1,769.

But if you think those are steep,

  • Folks over at Fort Sanders are shelling out an eye-watering $3,003.
  • The Cumberland Avenue Strip and University of Tennessee? Hold onto your hats! They’re dishing out a whopping $3,459. Yup, double the city’s average!

Now listen here – don’t let these numbers scare you off. You just gotta focus on what suits your wallet best. And hey – if you got a tenant but need to sell fast? Give us a holler at ASAP Cash Offer. We’ll help ya out in no time. Remember folks – smart decisions today save headaches tomorrow.

We Buy Houses in the cities listed below in Knox County Tennessee:

Halls Crossroads, TN
John Sevier, TN
Karns, TN
Mascot, TN
Powell, TN
Strawberry Plains, TN
Farragut, TN
Knoxville, TN
Ball Camp, TN
Bluegrass, TN
Byington, TN
Carter, TN
Concord, TN
Corryton, TN
Gibbs, Tennessee
Hardin Valley, Tennessee
Heiskell, Tennessee
Kimberlin Heights, Tennessee
Midway, Tennessee
Millertown, Tennessee
Mt. Olive, Tennessee
Pedigo, Tennessee
Ramsey, Tennessee
Ritta, Tennessee
Riverdale, Tennessee
Skaggston, Tennessee
Solway, Tennessee
Thorn Grove, Tennessee

Sell Your House Fast Knoxville Tennessee

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