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Our properties are always discounted and off-market, usually needing repairs. Usually more than 30% off, after repairs, really solid profits!

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We need buyers than can close quickly, whether it’s cash, hard money, private money. 14 days or less. Ernest money deposited in 48hrs.

Off-market Real Estate?

We provide off-market investor deals
Our team receives distressed properties every single day. Our marketing efforts for investor leads, leave us with an over-flowing pipeline of property owner leads that are desperately looking for Real Estate Investors. Primarily Cash Buyers, Hard Money Flippers, and Private Money Investors. We never send you overpriced deals, only properties that are hot-and-ready to go. Don’t just buy seller leads, skip the negotiation and hassles of following up, we will assign you our contracts for actual distressed property A.S.A.P. to add to your portfolio.

Finding Distressed Sellers

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Stop wasting time & energy

Most real estate investors rely on relationships, word of mouth, and references for distressed seller leads. Some real estate investors take the initiative to look at places like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, FSBO, Zillow,, and I’m sure you know a few more.

Here is what we do! Off-market distressed property sellers literally come to us. This means we get people who are very motivated to sell their house and sell it fast. We will talk to them, negotiate pricing, terms, and timelines. The only thing you have to do, give us a call! From there we’ll explain how we can assign our contracts to you so you can grow your investment portfolio without talking to sellers.

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