Missouri Lemon Law

The Missouri Lemon Law is a state law that protects consumers who buy or lease new motor vehicles. It helps protect buyers by offering remedies when they’ve purchased a car with defects that cannot be repaired after reasonable repair attempts. If a customer qualifies, the seller must either replace the defective vehicle or refund all purchase costs.

To qualify for relief under this law, specific criteria must be met, such as requirements regarding the time and make of the vehicle owned/leased and several repair attempts made by the dealer-seller. Additionally, there are specific limits on how long customers may have their cars before requesting legal recourse through lemon laws in Missouri, usually within 18 months from the delivery date of first ownership or 12k miles driven, depending upon whichever comes sooner.

In Missouri, buyers and sellers of used cars must understand the requirements for an “as is” sale. This means that a buyer purchases a vehicle without any warranties, expressed or implied, about its condition or quality. While a Missouri lemon law still applies to specific cars, it does not cover “as is” sales transactions. Therefore, buyers should be aware that they are taking on all the risks of paying the total price for a car without guaranteeing its condition. Both parties need to be fully informed about this type of transaction to make an informed decision when buying a vehicle in Missouri’s ‘as is’ situation.

What is the Missouri Lemon Law?

The Missouri Lemon Law is a consumer protection law that provides legal recourse for buyers of defective vehicles. It requires warranty holders to give consumers either a replacement or refund if their car does not conform to the state’s minimum quality standards after being subjected to multiple repair attempts by an authorized dealer during its coverage period.

The eligibility requirements for qualifying under the Lemon Law include meeting specific vehicle criteria and owning within specified time frames. To comply with this statute, sellers must attempt repairs by prescribed guidelines and provide refunds when applicable.

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Basic Definition

The Missouri Lemon Law protects consumers from purchasing and leasing a motor vehicle that has sustained unreasonable defects or malfunctions. The law establishes certain protections and guidelines against auto manufacturers so they can be held responsible for resolving any issues related to the purchase or lease of their vehicles. To qualify, the purchaser must demonstrate that their purchased car meets all applicable requirements regarding time frames and necessary repairs being attempted by authorized personnel according to the manufacturer’s warranty. Under this statute, buyers may be entitled to seek refunds or replacements on those vehicles which get declared “lemons” after meeting specific criteria laid out within its boundaries. Furthermore, there are different statutes of limitations depending upon each case scenario – with specified exceptions existing under unique circumstances too.

Protections and Guidelines

Under the Missouri Lemon Law, consumers are entitled to certain protections and guidelines when purchasing a defective motor vehicle. The law is designed to ensure that buyers of vehicles receive total compensation should they be saddled with faulty or malfunctioning cars, trucks, or SUVs. According to the statute’s protection clause, if a vehicle does not conform to its warranty within two attempts by an authorized repair shop – as long as these efforts take place during the original manufacturer’s express warranty period – then you may be due reimbursement in some form from your auto dealership. This could include refunding all payments made (such as down payment), canceling any outstanding loan balance owed on said vehicle, compensatory damages for lawyer fees, etc., provided such requirements have been met under this state’s legal framework.

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Who Qualifies Under the Missouri Lemon Law?

The Missouri Lemon Law protects consumers who purchase or lease a motor vehicle that does not conform to applicable warranties and does not function as expected. This law applies specifically to vehicles, including passenger cars and light-duty trucks, purchased in or leased from a licensed dealer in Missouri. To qualify for protection under this law, specific criteria must be met by both buyer and seller about time and repair attempts before legal action can be taken. In general terms, buyers are eligible if they had owned their vehicle for less than 18 months at the point when any issue was first noted; cases reported during repairs must also total at least three attempts within 24 months following the delivery date; moreover, each defect must substantially impede its use value or safety in some tangible way.

Vehicle Requirements

Under the Missouri Lemon Law, vehicle requirements must be met for a consumer to qualify for protection. Generally, any car covered by a manufacturer’s express warranty purchased or leased from an authorized dealer may qualify under this law. It applies specifically to vehicles that are either new or driven no more than 18,000 miles at the time of sale. It can include motor vehicles with fewer than four wheels, such as motorcycles, boats, and off-road utility vehicles. The lemon law does not cover used cars sold as-is but applies to demonstrator models (cars loaned out by manufacturers) without mileage limitations, provided they are still covered by a valid factory warranty when sold.

Time Requirements

Under the Missouri Lemon Law, eligible vehicles must meet specific time requirements to qualify for a replacement or refund. To receive these benefits from a seller, owners must demonstrate that their vehicle has been inoperable for more than 30 cumulative days during the first 12 months of ownership or lease term and more than 18 cumulative days during any 12 months after that point. Suppose you cannot prove repair attempts have taken place within this timeframe. In that case, likely, you don’t qualify under the Lemon Law Statute of Limitations – be sure to consult with an attorney if unsure of your rights, as they could change depending on circumstances beyond those outlined by statute.

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What Must a Seller Do to Comply with the Lemon Law?

If a seller wants to comply with the Missouri Lemon Law, they must follow specific guidelines and protections. They should initiate multiple repair attempts for any non-conformity issues which appear during the warranty period. If these attempts do not resolve the issue or if multiple visits are needed for repairs, then sellers may be obligated to provide refunds or replacements by their state’s laws that govern lemon law protection. Additionally, sellers need to take note of any expiration periods associated with this coverage as there may be deadlines by which one can exercise such rights under Missouri’s Lemon Law statute of limitations.

Repair Attempts

Under the Missouri Lemon Law, sellers must reasonably try to repair any defective or malfunctioning vehicle to conform with its warranty. This ensures buyers are protected from shoddy workmanship and dishonest practices. When attempting repairs, dealerships must provide clear documentation proving their attempts were made promptly and thoroughly for them to be deemed valid by the state’s court of law. If after five shots have been undertaken and a satisfactory resolution can’t be achieved within 18 months (or 15 000 miles) since delivery of the vehicle, customers may qualify for either replacement or refund, depending on individual circumstances.

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Refunds and Replacements

Under the Missouri Lemon Law, consumers are protected from suffering financially due to vehicles that do not meet reasonable performance standards. If a car is determined to be “a lemon,” it may qualify for either a refund or replacement depending on when the problem was reported and how many repair attempts have been made by its seller to live up to expectations. For example, if an item has been out of service thrice within 12 months/12,000 miles covered since the purchase date, you may have rights under this law entitled you to reimbursements such as cash payment or product exchange. Therefore, before purchasing any property item, buyers must familiarize themselves with these policies so they understand their protection should anything go wrong after purchase.

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What is the Lemon Law Statute of Limitations?

Under this law, lemon purchasers have a set amount of time to file their claim with the seller and manufacturer to receive either a replacement vehicle or a refund. Generally speaking, the statute requires that any claims must be filed within two years from when the first issue was reported or twelve months since ownership of the car began – whichever comes first. However, there are exceptions, like if additional parts were added after its original sale date, which could extend this timeframe, so it is best practice to consult an attorney if unsure about your legal rights under The Lemon Law.

Time Frame

Under the Missouri Lemon Law, time is crucial for those who wish to be protected from faulty vehicle purchases. Consumers must file within 18 months of their purchase date or 12 months after their warranty expires to take advantage of refunds and replacements provided by the law. In addition, any repair attempts attempted before filing must have been made during that same timeframe as well–meaning buyers need to keep meticulous records regarding when repairs were requested and what parts needed replacement! It pays off for consumers if they take note of every service appointment, as there are no exceptions granted beyond these strict limitations about the time frame of the Missouri Lemon Law.


The Missouri Lemon Law provides some exceptions where consumers do not qualify for protection under the law. These include used vehicles, leased vehicles, and those purchased from private sellers, exempt from having to offer refunds or replacements. Consumers must also be aware that a statute of limitations is associated with claims made under the lemon law; if they wait too long to make their claim, it may become invalid. Any questions regarding whether an individual qualifies as an exception should be referred directly to legal counsel for clarification and advice on any available recourse regarding these cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Missouri have a lemon law for used cars?

The Missouri used vehicle lemon law applies to cars bought through a dealership. This requires that pre-owned vehicles be in good working condition and meet certain safety standards based upon the age of the car. If it does not, consumers can make an official complaint with the State of Missouri Attorney General’s office within 30 days of purchase for new or leased vehicles or 10 business days for used vehicles from private sellers.

What is the lemon law 407.560 in Missouri?

The Missouri lemon law, 407.560 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri from 1979 describes consumer protection for buyers and lessees with cars that have a significant defect. Specifically, if the vehicle does not conform to the contract’s specifications due to a major failure within 18 months or 18 thousand miles (whichever comes first), then individuals can receive compensation which might include repairs paid in full by their sellers/lessee authorities. If these defects cannot be fixed after multiple attempts have been made, they may also qualify for repurchase or replacement at no cost equivalents value as per said laws under several other criteria like mileage requirements etc..

How long is Missouri lemon law?

In Missouri, the Lemon Law offers protections for up to 18 months after purchase or lease of a defective vehicle. If during this time frame the car owner encounters issues with their automobile due to nonconformity, they may be eligible for repairs and/or compensation from the manufacturer or dealer as provided by law.
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