Georgia Lemon Law

The Georgia Lemon Law provides legal protections to consumers who have purchased a product, such as vehicles and appliances, that do not meet their quality expectations. Designed by the state legislature in 2003 to protect consumers from purchasing faulty goods, it guarantees a right-to-repair or rights for defective products within two years (or 24,000 miles) of purchase. If an item cannot be repaired after multiple attempts by the seller or manufacturer, they must provide a replacement or refund under this law.

Consumers can file claims with licensed attorneys specializing in lemon laws – upon successful filing, manufacturers must cover all attorney fees incurred due to litigation costs associated with filing a claim. With knowledge about these legal guards comes assurance; ensuring property buyers receive what’s expected when investing money into any commodity is now made more accessible by implementing Georgia’s Lemon Law system!

When selling as-is in Georgia, sellers must be aware of the state’s laws, commonly known as ‘lemon laws.’ This law protects the buyer from unknowingly purchasing a vehicle with issues or defects that should have been addressed before the sale. Sellers need to ensure they are familiar with all disclosure requirements and follow these guidelines to ensure they remain compliant. It is always a good idea to consult an attorney if there are any concerns about mitigating potential liabilities. Doing research before selling anything as-is will help protect both the seller and buyer by guaranteeing that ALL parties understand their rights and obligations.

What is Georgia Lemon Law?

Georgia Lemon Law provides consumers with various remedies when they purchase or lease a defective vehicle. This law allows consumers to be compensated for repairs, replace the car, and receive a refund if their purchased or leased car does not meet specific standards established by state automobile manufacturers.

Under this law, it is illegal for dealers to knowingly sell cars with defects that will likely cause “substantial impairment” during everyday use while still under warranty period. Covered vehicles will also have minimum requirements such as safety features and passing emissions tests before being sold or leased out again.

Georgia Car Lemon Laws | New and Used Vehicles

The most common remedy provided by Georgia Lemon Law includes free repair services from an authorized dealer/manufacturer, repurchasing/ replacing your vehicle at no cost, and getting a full refund, including taxes paid on the original purchase price plus other associated costs incurred due to having bought/leased lemon(s). To file for a claim under this law, one should first contact the manufacturer /dealer about any issue within the prescribed statutory time frame, seek legal help, and then file a claim through the GA Department Of Law Consumer Protection Division (CPD).

Definition of Georgia Lemon Law

The Georgia Lemon Law is a consumer protection law that protects consumers who have purchased or leased a vehicle with one or more significant defects that substantially impair the product’s use, value, and safety. It should also be noted that this law applies to vehicles and boats within certain specifications. The primary purpose of this law is to ensure customers are reimbursed for money spent on defective products by either repairing them through their mechanisms (under “right-to-repair”) or refunding them in full (through “replacement with another model”). While there may be additional requirements before filing a claim under this act, ultimately, as long as all parameters and criteria stated in Georgia Lemon Law are met. Customer rights will prevail over manufacturer obligations.

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What is Covered Under the Georgia Lemon Law?

The Georgia Lemon Law protects consumers who have purchased a defective vehicle within the last 24 months or driven less than 12,000 miles. This protection begins when you submit an official complaint to the manufacturer and includes defects that substantially impair its use, value, or safety. If found valid by the state of Georgia, your rights under this law require either repair-covered costs or replacing/refunding all excess payments made on the said car purchase. Covered items include but are not limited to engine failure, transmission problems, and general defectiveness in mechanical parts like brakes and steering systems while also protecting deductible reimbursements concerning necessary repairs done after lemon laws filing a claim is accepted by local Department of Law offices.

Georgia Lemon Law Requirements

Georgia Lemon Law requires that all manufacturers comply with standards when providing consumers in the state with motor vehicles and other products. To meet these requirements, manufacturers must prove that they stepped up to repair defects found in their cars within a specific time frame or several attempts at correcting whatever issues were identified by the purchaser. Suppose any product fails after attempting repairs on three separate occasions or takes more than 30 days for each attempt. In that case, the consumer can decide if he/she wants either replacement or repurchase (refund) from the manufacturer or dealer, depending upon individual statutory provisions.

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Georgia Lemon Law Rights

Under Georgia’s Lemon Law, consumers can seek repair or refund for a vehicle with significant defects or issues. Consumers may be eligible for compensation if the problem is not fixable within a reasonable amount of time and attempts by authorized company representatives. The Right to Repair consists of two parts:

  1. Manufacturers must provide written notifications regarding repairs, warranties, and refunds.
  2. Consumers are allowed one final attempt at rectifying the defect before filing a claim under Georgia’s lemon law.

In some cases, such as when the manufacturer fails to provide adequate notice or conduct successful repairs during their allotted timeline, you may also have the right to seek a replacement or refund through court proceedings in certain circumstances.

Right to Repair

The Right to Repair is a part of the Georgia Lemon Law, which legally allows consumers that have purchased or leased vehicles with defects that impair the safety and use of their car the right to repair. This applies if it has been reported during warranty coverage but remains unresolved by authorized dealerships even after repeated attempts at repair. If these repairs are unsuccessful, you may be entitled to a replacement or a full refund for specifically qualified individuals, as this law outlines. All in all, it’s essential for any consumer purchasing vehicles in Georgia to understand their rights under this state-specific lemon law so they can get needed repairs covered should problems arise later on down the road.

Right to Replacement or Refund

In Georgia, consumers can replace or refund if they purchase a vehicle deemed a “lemon” under the state’s Lemon Law. Find yourself with an unsatisfactory product like this that cannot be repaired within a reasonable number of attempts. As your legal representative, the company can help you qualify for either full reimbursement or free repair services from the seller. The choice between these two options depends solely on which one will produce better results and more satisfaction for the consumer. This law ensures that customers are not subjected to losses due to faulty products and can have peace of mind when purchasing vehicles in Georgia.

How to File a Lemon Law Claim in Georgia

Filing a Lemon Law claim in Georgia can be confusing and time-consuming, but understanding your rights is essential. According to the state’s lemon law statutes, if you have purchased or leased a car that has had multiple attempts at repair for specific defects within one year of purchase or release date, you may qualify to file an official complaint with [ under the Georgia Lemon Law. To do so, however, there are specific steps required by consumers before they can make such a claim: firstly, contact the manufacturer or dealer; secondly, seek legal representation; thirdly, file claims through The Department of Law. Knowing these basic steps helps customers ensure their rights as pertain able from this particular piece of legislation, thereby assisting them in reaching an ultimate resolution sooner.

Step 1: Contact the Manufacturer or Dealer

If you think you may have purchased a lemon in Georgia, the first step is to contact the manufacturer or dealer. You must provide clear documentation of your case and try and negotiate with them privately before utilizing other avenues, such as filing an official Lemon Law claim. The process involves gathering receipts, repair orders, and invoices into one packet so they can assess whether it meets their requirements for refund or replacement consultation within 30 days following delivery. Ensuring all relevant evidence is included when submitting a claim will help protect your rights under the Georgia Lemon Law.

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Regarding Lemon Laws, having the proper legal representation is essential for any homeowner in Georgia. The second step of filing a lemon law claim requires seeking out experienced attorneys specializing in consumer protection laws. These experts can help you navigate your rights and ensure that all relevant documents have been provided accordingly during this process. An attorney will provide valuable guidance as they understand how quickly time can pass when dealing with manufacturer or dealer warranties, arbitration procedures, and settlement negotiations, thus helping prevent potential disputes from occurring down the line.

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Step 3: File a Claim with the Georgia Department of Law

Filing a claim with the Georgia Department of Law under the Georgia Lemon Law is your legal right as an individual who a manufacturer or dealer has wronged. To do this, you must contact either party to explain that their product does not meet its warranty requirements and then seek appropriate legal advice on how best to proceed to file suit against them if needed. Once you have gathered enough supporting evidence for such a case, fill out Form MV-18A, available from The Motor Vehicle Division at the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website (, and submit it along with any relevant documentation directly to the state Attorney General’s office which will review your complaint thoroughly before making a decision concerning compensation owed based on their findings.


This legal framework provides a variety of remedies for owners who have purchased defective motor vehicles, such as repair or replacement, depending on specific criteria – some more stringent than others. Homeowners must be aware that their rights under this law are protected and should act if they encounter any issues with their newly-purchased vehicle according to its terms and conditions. At Primex Solutions, we strive to assist homeowners in understanding all aspects of the Lemon Law, from filing claims against manufacturers or dealerships to claiming one’s right for either a repair or refund option upon completing mandated requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Lemon Law work in Georgia?

The Georgia Lemon Law protects consumers who have purchased a vehicle that has proven to be defective and/or unsafe. If the issue is not resolved after multiple attempts made by the dealer or manufacturer, at no cost to you, then it can be assumed that your car qualifies as a “lemon” under this law. To officially gain protection from the Lemon law in Georgia, buyers must file an arbitration claim with their county’s Consumer Affairs office within 90 days of being notified about their alleged lemon. The process requires both parties (buyers and dealers) agree upon the findings outlined in an arbitrator report which could include providing full refund for purchase or replacement of a otherwise-defective product

How many days is the Georgia Lemon Law?

The Georgia Lemon Law grants up to 30 days for a vehicle that has major defects or fails to meet express warranties, beginning on the date of delivery. However, if the manufacturer is not contacted within seven days after the buyer discovers an issue with their car, they run the risk of forfeiting protection from this law.

How much is the Lemon Law in Georgia?

The Lemon Law in Georgia is a consumer law that provides protection for buyers of automobiles and other vehicles. The statute covers any new purchase or lease of an automotive vehicle which has substantial defects, making it unsuitable for its normal purpose, and gives the consumer certain remedies like refund or replacement. In order to be eligible under Georgia’s Lemon Law, you must first have given the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the problem(s). If they are unable to do so after four attempts then you may file a claim with your local courthouse within three years from when you first purchased/leased the vehicle.
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