Selling your house to a cash buyer during the coronavirus pandemic

Selling with a Realtor during COVID-19

Selling with a Realtor during COVID-19

There are a few main factors to digest the truth of Coronavirus and selling a house the traditional way. Inspectors are busy, and it will take longer to find one let alone to schedule a safe walk-through that adheres to CDC guidelines. Once the house is appraised and listed with a realtor, they have to do virtual walkthroughs or limit the amount of traffic that sees the inside of your house which can make a home sell much slower. Most real estate agent forgets to vet buyers lending pre-qualification and if your buyer is not pre-qualified for a mortgage, this could easily add another 2 months to the home sale. There are strict guidelines and rules being enforced at banks nationwide, to protect our financial systems from another 2009.

Selling to a Cash Buyer during COVID-19

Selling to a Cash Buyer during COVID-19

When you’re dealing with a Cash Home Buyer like ASAP Cash Offer, we make things infinitely easier. The inspectors are us, so there are no delays at all. The house doesn’t even need appraisals, we buy houses AS-IS, put down the tools, and paintbrushes. Worried about that Realtor forgetting to pre-qualify your buyer’s financing? We don’t use realtors, because we pay in cash. We prefer to use local Real Estate Attorney’s or Title Companies to complete housing transfers using warranty deeds. We do take this pandemic and our seller’s safety very seriously. Everyone who shows up to property must wear a mask, bring sanitizer, and keep an appropriate social distance. The goal at ASAP Cash Offer is to make the transaction hassle-free, safe, and easy during this pandemic.

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Why Sell Your Home to ASAP Cash Offer?

  1. You Pay Zero Fees 
  2. Close quickly 7-28 days.
  3. Guaranteed Offer, no waiting.
  4. No repairs required, sell “AS IS”
  5. No appraisals or delays.

What are we doing differently in 2020 and 2021?

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As the CDC outlines, we wear protective face masks that cover our nose and mouth whenever interacting with homeowners. To ensure the safety of inspectors and homeowners, we require hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes as well. Before inspectors or even the company owner Devon Wayne leaves his office for an appointment, we all make sure to check our temperatures with a laser gun.

2. Virtual Home Viewing

When the time comes to sell your home, you have to typically let a lot of people inside the house. One inspection, one appraiser, maybe a few contractors, two or three real estate agents, then dozens or hundreds of potential buyers. WOW! Talk about stress, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Here at ASAP Cash Offer, we will work with your situation to make sure you are kept safe. For some homeowners, that means video conference walkthroughs or simple photos and videos emailed over. The only person ever coming to the property would be a contractor to inspect the property is as it was described. In retrospect, that is only one person with ASAP Cash Offer VS potentially hundreds in your home!

3. Electronic Contracts & Purchase Agreements

Purchase agreements used to be person-to-person and face-to-face, however, now we have taken a digital approach to keep the seller’s safe and make the process easier. DocuSign is the National Association of REALTORS® official and exclusive provider of electronic signature services under the REALTOR Benefits® Program. DocuSign services are easy-to-use and accessible at any time, from any desktop or mobile device.

4. Electronic Notarization of Escrow Paperwork

While a number of states permit electronic notarization, typically under a uniform electronic transactions act enacted in the applicable state, RON services are distinctly different from electronic notarization as electronic notarization continues to require physical presence. Electronic notarization allows the notarization of an electronically executed document, but the signer must still personally appear before the notary. This means a notary can come to your house, instead of you going to the title or escrow company.

5. Lock Boxes to Keep Vacant Property Safe

Most of the homes we purchase are not actually lived in, because of the condition of the property. Whenever we put a property under contract using a purchase agreement with a home owner, the first thing we do is put a lock box on the property if it’s vacant. This prevents homeless people as well as vandals and robbers from tampering with the home.

Lock Boxes to Keep Vacant Property Safe

To summarize, we take our seller’s safety to heart. We are having less person-to-person contact, opting for virtual contracts, virtual inspections, and overall a more digital approach during this pandemic.

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