Best Places To Live In Missouri

Missouri, the “Show Me State,” offers a plethora of cities and towns that present inhabitants a combination of culture, affordability, and natural magnificence. From the bustling city of St. Louis to the more bucolic town of Independence, Missouri has a variety of options for potential residents. But before you try to sell your house in Missouri, you have to decide which city suits you best.

Whether you’re looking for a large city with plentiful job and entertainment opportunities or a smaller town with more of a community feel, there are plenty of cities in Missouri that can fit your needs. St. Louis is the largest and most populated city in the state. The city boasts an array of cultural attractions like the iconic Gateway Arch and stunning Forest Park, as well as numerous professional sports teams and educational institutions.

Additionally, St. Louis is home to dozens of Fortune 500 companies making it an ideal spot for those looking to advance their careers while taking advantage of all the amenities this thriving metropolis has to offer. Whether you’re in search of an energetic nightlife and a burgeoning job market or a tranquil lifestyle surrounded by nature, Missouri has plenty to provide. Below are the top ten finest places to inhabit the state of Missouri.

Introduction to Missouri

Missouri is a stunningly gorgeous Midwestern American state, boasting enthralling views of rolling hills, broad plains, and meandering rivers. From the bustling metropolis of St. Louis to the quaint towns of Lee’s Summit and Independence, this stunning state offers an array of places to settle. Rich in history and bursting with culture, it is a hub of various industries and businesses, offering plentiful economic and job openings to those seeking a fresh start. Moreover, the diverse citizenry, hospitable locals, and economical cost of living make Missouri a prime choice for a new home.

Living Places In Missouri - 10 Best Places to Live in Missouri 2022

Location and Geography

Missouri, a state situated in the Midwestern United States, is renowned for its distinct geography, ranging from rivers and wetlands to lush forests and undulating hills. Its landscape is marked by the Ozarks and the Mississippi River Valley, along with many renowned historic spots, from St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch to the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in Springfield. With its picturesque environment and dynamic attractions, Missouri is certainly an ideal place to reside.

History of Missouri

Missouri boasts a rich and varied past, having gained entry into the United States as the 24th state in 1821. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 granted admittance to the Union as a slave state, which served as the catalyst for its rapid economic growth during the 19th century through the introduction of the steamboat, railroad, and industrialization. As the 20th century dawned, the state’s economy transitioned to a more contemporary industrial center, with St. Louis emerging as a major automotive hub. Today, Missouri remains a powerhouse of opportunity, thanks to its bountiful resources, temperate climate, and high quality of life, making it an ideal place to live in the U.S.A.

Culture and Economy

Missouri is a state saturated in culture and history. Famous cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield boast a unique blend of entertainment and work opportunities. Farming, manufacturing, and services fuel the state’s economical growth and make it an attractive place to live and work. Additionally, the cost of living is lower than the national average, thanks to Missouri’s comparatively low taxes. It’s no wonder that the state is a popular destination for those seeking diverse cultures, lifestyles, and career prospects.

Top 10 Best Places to Live in Missouri

Missouri is a haven of possibilities and offers an array of living options. From the bustling metropolises of St. Louis and Kansas City to the vibrant small cities of Columbia and Springfield, there is something for everyone in this state. If a quieter, more bucolic lifestyle is desired, then the towns of Lee’s Summit, St. Joseph, O’Fallon, St. Peters, and Chesterfield are ideal. Lastly, Independence is the optimal combination of rural allure and urban amenities. With such a wide variety of great cities, Missouri has the perfect spot to settle down.

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1. St. Louis

St. Louis is a renowned city in Missouri and one of the premier places to live in the state. Located in the eastern part of the state, St. Louis is celebrated for its allure, effervescent culture, and extensive amusement selections. From its renowned Gateway Arch to its extensive professional sports teams, the city offers something for everyone. The flourishing economy and nearness to other major cities in the region render it an optimal place to live. The city has plenty of amenities, featuring top-notch schools, superb restaurants, and copious shopping. With its abundant history and effervescent culture, St. Louis is an outstanding place to call home.

2. Kansas City

Kansas City, situated in the northwestern region of Missouri, is a renowned destination for those seeking a place to call home. Boasting a population of over 500,000, it is the largest city in the state and offers all the amenities of a bustling metropolis, including an international airport, a comprehensive public transportation system, and a wide array of art galleries, museums, and renowned jazz and blues venues. As for its economy, Kansas City is home to an array of industries, from finance and manufacturing to healthcare, providing many job opportunities for its citizens. Additionally, the city is renowned for its top-notch universities, making it not only a hub for culture and history, but for education as well.

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3. Columbia

Columbia, Missouri is an enviable place to settle, boasting an array of activities, facilities, and chances. Hosting the University of Missouri, this effervescent city is filled with culture, amusement, and a thrilling nightlife. Columbia is also a top-tier spot to start a family due to its top-notch schools, economical cost of living, and extensive parks and trails. It’s no wonder that Columbia was recently placed second on U.S. News & World Report’s register of optimal places to live in the Midwest. With its gorgeous scenery, delightful people, and abundance of activities, it’s simple to see why Columbia is an ideal location to call home!

4. Springfield

Residents of Springfield, Missouri have the privilege of experiencing the best of both worlds: the bustle of a bustling city center coupled with the quaintness of a small town. Home to the Ozarks, Springfield offers a unique amalgam of culture, past, and the great outdoors that can’t be found elsewhere. From outdoor activities like hiking and camping to exhilarating nightlife, the city has something for everyone. Further, it is the site of several educational institutions, including Missouri State University, Drury University, and Ozarks Technical Community College, making it a great place for those seeking an optimal balance between city and rural living without breaking the bank.

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5. Lee’s Summit

Lee’s Summit, an ideal location to reside in Missouri, is a thriving urban area that provides its inhabitants with lots of opportunities and comforts. Found in the core of the Midwest, Lee’s Summit has picturesque views of the Missouri landscape, as well as convenient access to the many exciting attractions of Kansas City. The city is renowned for its superior public schools and its eclectic cultural activities, making it an exceptional place to start a family. With its practical position, Lee’s Summit is an optimal choice for commuters, while its bustling downtown offers a multitude of shopping and dining options. Whether you’re looking for the perfect residence or seeking an excellent place to conduct business, Lee’s Summit has something for everyone.

6. St. Joseph

Nestled in the northwest corner of Missouri, St. Joseph is a prime destination for anyoneseeking a place to live. With a population of 77,000, this city is teeming with history, vibrant economy, and culture. Tourists and locals alike can explore the Pony Express Museum, Glore Psychiatric Museum, and the Patee House Museum. After dark, the city offers a plethora of entertainment options, such as bars, eateries, and live music venues. Additionally, St. Joseph is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, with parks, hiking trails, and golf courses. Beyond just leisurely activities, the city also boasts a highly educated population, with over 40% of its citizens having a college degree. With its reasonable cost of living and superb quality of life, St. Joseph is a perfect place to call home.

7. O’Fallon

Nestled in Saint Charles County, Missouri, O’Fallon is a top-notch place to call home in the Show Me State. With nearly 89,000 inhabitants, it is a lively and varied municipality with a robust communal spirit. O’Fallon is a business and retail mecca, plus a source of amusement, and citizens have access to a range of facilities, from recreational areas to highly-regarded schools. The city carries a low crime rate, outstanding public transportation, and inexpensive housing, making it an excellent locale to live and prosper. O’Fallon is also host to a number of cultural and recreational attractions, such as the annual O’Fallon Fest, a commemoration of the city’s culture and past. With its proximity to St. Louis, O’Fallon is a great option for those seeking a family-friendly hometown that provides a vast variety of activities and possibilities.

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8. St. Peters

Nestled in the bustling Greater St. Louis area, St. Peters is one of the top 10 best places to live in Missouri. Offering families a variety of parks and recreational activities, as well as a robust economy and world class education system, this city is sure to please. From affordable townhomes to exquisite executive homes, St. Peters boasts a wide selection of housing options. Plus, with its ample shopping and dining options, residents have endless opportunities to explore the area. With its low crime rates, flourishing job market, and diverse cultural attractions, St. Peters is a safe, vibrant, and inviting place to call home.

9. Chesterfield

Chesterfield, nestled in St. Louis County, Missouri, is a highly desired destination for many. With its stunning natural beauty, abundance of amenities, and sophisticated schools, it has something for everyone. One can experience a harmonious mix of urban and rural living, with sprawling parks, lakes, and rivers, as well as an animated downtown area. The city offers a plethora of stores, eateries, and recreational activities making it a perfect place to settle and bask in a tranquil lifestyle. Plus, Chesterfield boasts a prosperous job market and economical cost of living, making it an appealing spot for those searching for a pleasant and economical way of life.

10. Independence

Independence, Missouri is a great homebase to call one’s own. Located east of Kansas City, this city offers a plethora of attractions and activities. From the National Frontier Trails Center to the Englewood Shopping Center, there is something to suit any preference. Independence also provides a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, such as fishing, hiking, and cycling on the Harry S. Truman Reservoir. Not to mention, the city also houses several noteworthy historical sites, including the 1827 Jackson County Courthouse and the George Caleb Bingham House. With its superior educational institutions, secure locales, and prosperous economy, Independence is the ideal place to settle for those seeking the pleasures of small-town living with the convenience of a larger metropolitan area.


Missouri is an alluring place to reside, boasting a wide array of alluring locations and a plethora of cultural attractions. From the metropolis of St. Louis to the bustling city of Kansas City, the historic city of Columbia to the accommodating Springfield, and the vibrant Lee’s Summit to the charming St. Joseph, there is something for everyone. Regardless of what you’re seeking in a place to call home, Missouri has plenty of admirable options. Whether you’re fond of the hustle and bustle of a bustling city, the laid-back air of a smaller town, or the convenience of a suburban area, Missouri has something to tantalize. All in all, these ten cities are the crème de la crème when it comes to inhabiting Missouri and should be considered by anyone in search of a new home.

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