Are There Squatters Rights In Nebraska?

Have you been curious about squatter’s rights in Nebraska? It’s vital to recognize that the principles of adverse possession and squatter’s rights are two distinct ideas. Adverse possession is a lawful process in Nebraska that can give settlers the ability to gain title to the terrain they have been occupying. In contrast, squatter’s rights involve trespassing and are managed by the state’s trespassing laws. Regarding squatter’s rights, if a settler has been using or inhabiting a specific area of the property for a sufficient period, it may eventually be able to claim possession through a course of action referred to as the ‘transient owner’ theory.

This involves considering that, should a squatter attain “exclusive possession” of a property for some time, they could then possess a legal right to the land. The Nebraska courts have ruled in favor of squatter’s rights in specific scenarios, although dependence on such rulings is inconsistent. To gain the most transparent understanding of when Nebraska courts might decide on squatter’s rights, speak with a legal expert, or review comparable historical court cases. Need more details? Contact ASAP Cash Offer today!

What are Squatter’s Rights?

Squatting may be illegal in Nebraska, but the concept of adverse possession – or squatters” rights – allows individuals to claim legal rights to land they did not purchase, own, or rent. The transient owner theory and various land ownership laws govern this right in the state. Understanding these laws and relevant court cases is essential before occupying land without payment. For example, a recent court case established that squatter’s rights can be successful, granting them title to land under certain conditions. Nebraska’s laws provide a roadmap for individuals seeking to understand and comply with the legal parameters of claiming a piece of property under squatters’ rights.

Don’t Let This Happen to You: Adverse Possession

Land Ownership Laws

Squatting is not recognized in Nebraska, but potential squatters may be able to claim land rights under the transient owner theory. This theory acknowledges land rights for those who frequently visit a rural property over an extended period, at least 40 years, in one Nebraska court case. To understand if they may have a legal claim to a particular property, squatters should carefully research the details of the relevant state laws. Adverse possession and squatters’ rights are complex land ownership laws, but those familiar with them can potentially gain legal rights to property not legally theirs. Those considering taking advantage of these laws must understand the intricacies of the relevant statutes before making a claim.

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Concept of Adverse Possession

In Nebraska, squatting is not a legally recognized practice, and trespassing laws are explicitly in place to protect landowners from having their properties unlawfully taken from them. By law, if an individual occupies a property for more than ten years and fulfills specific criteria, such as paying taxes, they can lay legal claim to the land under Squatter’s Rights, also known as adverse possession. There have been court cases where squatters have been ordered to leave the ground to demonstrate the seriousness of this legal right. When making any agreements regarding buying or selling land in Nebraska, it is highly advisable to put all transactions in writing and consult a real estate attorney for legal advice about squatters’ rights. With the expertise of a knowledgeable real estate lawyer, buyers, and sellers can ensure they are fully informed of any legal rights before making any decisions. ASAP Cash Offer is an excellent resource that can make the entire process, from beginning to end, more accessible.

Squatting on abandoned property in Nebraska can be a tricky legal practice, even though no laws explicitly address squatters’ rights. However, by using the law of Adverse Possession, settlers may be able to defend themselves successfully should legal issues arise. Nebraska does not permit trespassing on someone else’s property, but the state protects people who become “transient owners.” Courts have upheld the Transient Owner Theory, which states that a squatter has legal power over the abandoned property if they have made improvements to it, occupied it for some time, used it in good faith and without prior owner’s knowledge, or can prove ownership through title documents. Recent court cases have showcased individuals who maintained their right to squat on abandoned Nebraska property, so it is possible to do so legally. For definitive information on the subject, those interested in squatting should reach out to an experienced attorney for advice on staying on the right side of the law and avoiding eviction.

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Transient Owner Theory

The concept of adverse possession, more commonly known as squatting, permits the occupation of someone’s property without their permission for a given time frame and can lead to legal ownership. Nebraska utilizes the terminology of ‘transient owner theory’ to refer to this form of occupation; to acquire legal possession, the settler must settle the land, demonstrate the intent to own it, and openly occupy it alone. Though some may think squatting is illegal, the court case of Dalal v. Smith in 2019 clarified that if the specific criteria are met for a predetermined period, the settler may become the rightful owner. Homeowners must beware of any potential outcome when dealing with squatters and act accordingly. For those needing reliable assistance and protection, ASAP Cash Offer is available.

Trespassing Laws

Squatting in Nebraska is illegal and can result in severe charges of trespassing. Under some conditions, however, it may be argued using occupants’ rights and adverse possession. In 2017, a Lincoln County court case established that if a settler pays their property taxes and is in exclusive control, they may be able to claim legal ownership. That being said, it is always best to seek an expert not to attempt illegal residency on another’s property. Homeowners and investors should contact a qualified real estate solution provider, like ASAP Cash Offer, to get help regarding local laws and court cases.

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Examples of Squatter’s Rights in Nebraska

In Nebraska, you may have the legal right to own a property if you have been occupying it uninterruptedly and without violence for more than 10 years. This legal doctrine, referred to as adverse possession or squatter’s rights, enables new property owners to ensure their rights are being respected in the eyes of the law. Facing legal battles and uncertain outcomes, a few court cases around Nebraska have displayed these legal rights for the world to see. For example, after battling the form for three years, an individual was granted ownership of a dwelling. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to be aware of existing laws when dealing with a claim related to squatters’ rights. With the help of ASAP Cash Offer, you can ensure you have obtained the correct information and approach your case with the necessary attention to detail. Connect with us today to figure out how we can help you with your claim.

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Court Cases

Squatting, or ‘adverse possession’ as it is legally called in Nebraska, is a widely disputed area of land ownership laws. Despite this, numerous examples of squatting cases have been officially recognized: the famous transient owner theory is one example. According to this theory, if a legal property owner fails to return to their land for a predefined period, ownership will be permanently transferred to the squatter! Additionally, the trespassing laws stated in Nebraska are a great example of how squatting is recognized. It is essential to remain knowledgeable about the legal trends regarding land rights, which is why ASAP Cash Offer provides comprehensive support for their clients.


In Nebraska, squatting, also known as squatters’ rights, is defined by historic principles of land ownership and legal parameters of private property. While court rulings have indicated it is a legal consequence, squatters should be aware of associated risks before considering it an option and seek legal advice from a qualified attorney. Understanding the complexities of these laws can help protect against unforeseen consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I evict a squatter in Nebraska?

Nebraska has complex laws when evicting a squatter, so it is important to proceed with caution. You will need to give the occupant written notice of your intent to remove them from the property and then follow up by filing an eviction lawsuit in court. Make sure that all documents are served appropriately and you must prove legal ownership through clear title or other proof before any court proceedings can take place. Once a judgement of eviction has been obtained, if necessary, enforcement officers may help with removal of squatters as long as appropriate paperwork is provided first.

What rights do squatters have in Nebraska?

Squatters in Nebraska are not protected by adverse possession laws and can potentially face criminal charges if they fail to vacate the property upon request. Tenants must enter an agreement with the landlord that states all of their rights as a tenant, or risk relegation to squatter status. Additionally, squatters may find themselves vulnerable to physical displacement due to lack of legal protections under state law regulating landlord-tenant relationships.

What is the adverse possession law in Nebraska?

The adverse possession law in Nebraska is a complex set of laws that allow individuals to take ownership of another person’s land if they can prove certain legal criteria have been met. This includes having continuous, hostile and open possession for at least 10 years; making significant improvements or investments on the property; meeting any additional state requirements such as filing paperwork within a certain time frame, and notifying the rightful owner of their claim. It also requires legally proving boundaries or ownership disputes when applicable.

Can you squat in any property?

Squatting in any property is strictly prohibited, and will not be tolerated by our company or its affiliates. Any attempt to squat may result in prosecution for trespassing. If you are interested in purchasing a home with us, we must ensure that the legal process of acquiring said residence is followed accordingly as required by law.
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