An Overview of Blountsville Funeral Home

Blountsville Funeral Home has been locally owned and operated since its establishment over 45 years ago, providing local families with funeral services, cremation services, and grief support for generations. Through the development of its facilities and continuous evolution in customer service programs, Blountsville Funeral Home remains a trusted partner within the local community.

Making sure each family is provided personalized care at every stage of life’s journey, from planning through aftercare – they strive to create a challenging experience more bearable. With an experienced staff, both qualified & committed to excellent customer service alongside modern amenities such as a conveniently located address and parking availability – it’s no surprise that Blountsville Funeral Home is revered among customers who value outstanding quality with warm hospitality.

After a death in the family, funeral costs can be a financial burden. One way to help manage those costs is to sell the house of the deceased individual. It can provide an extra income from the house’s sale to pay for funeral expenses. This can make even limited funds stretch further and, in some cases, cover all necessary costs. Selling a house after death helps alleviate stress and honors their memory by taking care of their remaining affairs.

History of Blountsville Funeral Home

Blountsville Funeral Home has a long and distinguished history. Founded in 1912, it was one of the first funeral homes to open its doors in Blount County and, since then, has been providing exceptional services for decades. From humble beginnings, they have grown into an esteemed provider of full-service funerals, cremations, and grief support services that seek to commemorate and comfort those who have lost their loved ones. Along with such dedication towards quality service comes highly experienced staff committed to customer satisfaction regardless of circumstances. Moreover, the funeral home’s excellent location allows visitors complete access from anywhere within Blountsville making movement easy for them when attending any ceremony or event organized by this revered institution.



The establishment at Blountsville Funeral Home goes back to the late 1800s. Initially, it was founded as a single store on Enon Street downtown and gradually expanded over time. As its reputation for quality service spread across Alabama, the company branched out into funeral services and gained an enviable status among state health workers throughout the region. With decades of experience serving local families with dedication and compassion, Blountsville Funeral Home remains one of the most respected companies in this branch today. Keeping up-to-date with modern trends while preserving traditional values gives them an edge when providing professional care during difficult times for their customers.


Blountsville Funeral Home has seen significant development since its establishment. It has evolved from a single facility to one with multiple locations, each offering various services tailored toward individual customers’ needs and preferences. In addition, the staff at Blountsville have undergone extensive training and qualification process to serve their clients with the highest professionalism and expertise possible. With these changes, Blountsville Funeral Home is now well-positioned to deliver quality funeral services for nearby families.

Evolution of Services

Blountsville Funeral Home has provided services to the local community since its inception. Over time, they have evolved and expanded their portfolio of offerings to remain relevant and provide a wide range of options for their customers. They now offer funerary services such as traditional burial ceremonies along with cremations. Not only can families honor those who have passed on through ceremony or memorialization, but Blountsville Funeral Home also provides grief support services so families can make sense of loss or receive emotional validation during this challenging process. With an experienced staff dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, Blountsville is proud to be a long-standing funeral home provider that meets the needs at any step in life’s journey.

Services Offered at Blountsville Funeral Home

Blountsville Funeral Home is the go-to source for those in need of funeral and cremation services. At Blountsville Funeral Home, you can expect comprehensive services such as funerals, burials, visitations, memorial ceremonies, and cremation services. No matter what type of service your family requires to honor a loved one’s life – from traditional graveside gatherings with military honors or contemporary celebrations at their modern facility – they offer compassionate care during each step. Their staff provides support through personalized guidance tailored to individual families’ needs when handling specific arrangements like assistance with paperwork or expert advice on selecting appropriate merchandise options like casket models or urns that best suit their preferences while keeping within budget constraints. In addition to these essential offerings, they also provide grief counseling sessions conducted by experienced counselors who understand how it feels to cope after one loses someone special in life.

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Funeral Services

Blountsville Funeral Home offers various funeral services for families in their grief. Blountsville strives to provide clients with respectful and compassionate care throughout the process by offering cremation and traditional burial options. With experienced staff committed to providing personalized funerals explicitly tailored to each family’s needs and extensive resources on grief support topics, Blountsville is fully equipped to serve all its clients with dignity and respect during such difficult times.

Cremation Services

At Blountsville Funeral Home, the staff understands the importance of providing compassionate services for families in their time of need. Their comprehensive suite of funeral and cremation offerings offers various options to accommodate different preferences and budget needs. Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for honoring passing loved ones – it’s dignified, economical, and respectful. Blountsville Funeral Home offers tangible advantages over other cremation providers; from individualized attention, they provide every family with professional support through their journey towards closure – all while maintaining strict compliance with federal guidelines regarding safety standards associated with releasing ashes following completion.

Grief Support Services

Blountsville Funeral Home is dedicated to providing compassionate and caring grief support services. With an experienced, trained, and qualified staff that commits to helping families through challenging times, their services are tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Their support team can offer personalized resources such as post-service gatherings or memorials, bereavement counseling, and spiritual care guidance. Additionally, they host weekly support group meetings, open to anyone who seeks comfort during the grieving process to help them cope with their loss and heal emotionally together – ultimately allowing them greater peace of mind when it comes time to say goodbye.

Staff at Blountsville Funeral Home

The staff at Blountsville Funeral Home are among the most experienced and qualified in the industry. With years of experience, these professionals are committed to providing solace and comfort during difficult times. Their qualifications include expertise in funeral services, cremation services, grief support services, and more, making them uniquely prepared to help families through their loss. Furthermore, they have built relationships with local churches throughout the community that further aids clients in honoring loved ones with personalized memorial celebrations tailored exactly to each family’s preferences.

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The staff at Blountsville Funeral Home has outstanding experience in providing comprehensive and compassionate funeral services. With a team built up over many years, each member has the qualifications and commitment necessary to deliver a high-quality service that meets the needs of their customers with care and respect. This practice is led by experienced professionals who take pride in offering personalized guidance throughout every step, ensuring families have seamless support during this difficult time. From arranging memorials to cremation planning details, Blountsville Funeral Home gives all-encompassing attentiveness to true peace of mind.

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At Blountsville Funeral Home, the staff’s qualifications and commitment to customers are exemplary. With a combined experience of over 50 years in hospice care and funeral services, rest assured that you are being taken care of with proficiency when it comes to any requests regarding your end-of-life plans. All members have gone through extensive in-person and online training to provide quality assistance for all situations while remaining compassionate and understanding during difficult times. The team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards by staying up-to-date on industry regulations and working closely with family events coordinators, cemeteries, vendors, lawyers, and other organizations involved ensuring that arrangements go smoothly from start to finish.

Commitment to Customers

At Blountsville Funeral Home, they understand that a loved one’s passing is tough. Their staff is committed to providing the compassion and care necessary for families in their bereavement process. They promise to provide personalized attention and professional service from start to finish so you can honor your deceased family member with dignity and respect. Their personnel has worked tirelessly over many years of service, striving every day for excellence in all aspects of funeral home services offered at Blountsville Funeral Home – no stone will be left unturned as they help navigate this trying period together.

Location of Blountsville Funeral Home

Blountsville Funeral Home is conveniently located at 7123 Main Street in Blountsville, Alabama. The facility boasts ample parking and provides easy access for visitors to the funeral home. All services offered by Blountsville Funeral Home can be conducted on-site, providing a convenient space for friends of deceased family members to pay their respects or hold gatherings as part of funeral proceedings. Complimented with modern facilities that accommodate all types of funerary ceremonies, this location offers loved ones an intimate atmosphere for honoring those who passed away.

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Blountsville Funeral Home is located at a prominent address in the city of Blountsville. Its convenient location allows customers to quickly access essential funerals, cremation, and grief support services. The building features wide spaces ideal for hosting visits and receptions, comfortable parking lots with ample space for cars or buses, and modern facilities with amenities for efficient service delivery.


Blountsville Funeral Home provides a comprehensive range of facilities for comfort and convenience during the bereavement process. Clients can access tastefully decorated chapels with comforting amenities such as sound systems, video tributes, projection screens, and speakers that enable friends and family members to come together in one place for remembrance or celebration-of-life events. The funeral home also features onsite cremation services and private reception areas for meetings between families & staff at Blountsville Funeral Home. A well-maintained parking lot ensures visitors find ample space at this revered facility.


At Blountsville Funeral Home, visitors are never limited to the parking capabilities. For convenience and flexibility for family members and friends of those who have passed away, ample private parking is available at the facility, no matter how large or small a gathering may be. It gives them easy access to enter discreetly without attracting unnecessary attention as they honorably pay their respects. Furthermore, disabled drivers can easily find designated spots nearby when visiting this solemn location while feeling safe knowing they will not have difficulty finding suitable spaces on site.

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