10 Tips Before Hiring A Home Remodeling Contractor

Tips For Hiring a Home Remodeler

The process of remodeling your kitchen can be a long and stressful one. There are so many decisions to make, from the color scheme to what kind of appliances you want in there. One decision that is often overlooked is hiring a general contractor for all the work. If you’re not sure where to start, this blog post will give you 10 tips on how to find the right general contractor for your needs!

Tip #1 – Get a Quote

Get a quote from at least three contractors to compare.

Tip #2 – Referrals

Ask friends and family for referrals

Tip #3 -References

Ask for references of past projects, not just previous clients that are happy with their work.

Tip #4 -Licensed Contractor

Don’t hire a contractor who doesn’t have the necessary licenses and certifications for your specific state

Tip #5 -Reviews

Ask the contractors to provide references. A good general contractor should be able to provide a list of previous clients they have worked with before, as well as reviews from them about their experience working together.

Tip #6 -Insured and Bonded

Make sure the contractor is insured and bonded. A general contractor should have liability insurance of $500,000 or more (depending on which state you live in). If not, it’s worth looking for another contractor.

Tip #7 -Written Contract

Get a written contract and have them sign it before they start any work on your home. Be sure to go over everything with the contractors so you know exactly what is going to happen and when.

Tip #8 -Remodel Goal

You should always have a good understanding of what you want before the contractor starts work on your home. This will save time and money in the long run, because it’ll make sure that any changes are done as early (and cheaply) as possible instead of waiting until later to do them.

Tip #9 – One Crew, One Job

Hire a general contractor to do all of your home remodeling jobs instead of hiring separate contractors for each step in your project.

Tip #10 -Golden Rule

Learn who you are and what’s important to you before you go about looking for contractors. It’ll save time when it comes down to deciding which ones are right for your home remodeling needs.

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